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Elaina VanValkinburg
Elaina VanValkinburg 13 godzin temu
“I just love touching Woods” Tanner-2021
dylan omahony
dylan omahony 13 godzin temu
I would love to see tanner do a cover last kiss by pearl jam (song he sang off camera)
Dorothy Tyo
Dorothy Tyo 13 godzin temu
I mean woods looks good every day so
Veronica Haynes
Veronica Haynes 13 godzin temu
VET 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 13 godzin temu
Who else is surprised this is mathiases
Sarah Steffler
Sarah Steffler 13 godzin temu
Matt my orchestra teachers made me use the hand grip thing for the cello so I can make the noise on the strings louder
mama froggie
mama froggie 13 godzin temu
*you shouldve put donald trump's face on the punching bag*
Georg Kozy
Georg Kozy 14 godzin temu
gentle matt
Trista 14 godzin temu
Tanner that was a Trumpet. Lol
bman yay
bman yay 14 godzin temu
Hello, I was wondering if I join and become a member, will I have to pay for it?
iAmProject863 13 godzin temu
Cozmaster1583 14 godzin temu
Someone needs to make a Matthias, Tanner, and Woods Quote Book.
Cozmaster1583 14 godzin temu
And not inspirational
Makenna Watkins
Makenna Watkins 14 godzin temu
Tanner: Comment down below if Woods looks cute today. Woods: you don't have to. Tanner: YOU HAVE TO!
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR 14 godzin temu
14:27 This is so f*cki*g awesome i cant stop laughing and rewinding it xd
Carson Underwood
Carson Underwood 14 godzin temu
9:35 Matt literally is not paying attention to them as they were acting like 5 year olds😂🤣
Cozmaster1583 14 godzin temu
Best Most Premium Content Here On Dope Or Nope! !!TRUST ME!! I Have The Card Game.
GR1M5 Potato
GR1M5 Potato 14 godzin temu
9:44 He literally said “tee hee” when he was being tickled.
Manith Gamer
Manith Gamer 14 godzin temu
4:43 tanner scream like baby.
LilxBenji 14 godzin temu
i’m just gonna ignore the fact a fidget spinner got mega dope...
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR 14 godzin temu
6:50 fkwsjmengkj
Nawal K
Nawal K 14 godzin temu
this is the funniest dp ive ever seen and im lovin this new set up !!
MGOATG 14 14 godzin temu
12:17 excellent english Tanner
RoseArtStudios Draws
RoseArtStudios Draws 14 godzin temu
is anyone going to talk about wood's giggle when he was tickled?
berna cryingcinnamonpie
berna cryingcinnamonpie 14 godzin temu
Woods is cute always 😂
jerrybacik 14 godzin temu
just like Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. I think the Dope and Nope team is trying to make worse and worse videos just to prove their followers we follow them no matter how bad they get
Miirasha 14 godzin temu
I am watching this after a long night of drinking super drunk on my birthday while nomming on some nutella toast I am so happy please let me live in this moment forever
Lindsey Osburn
Lindsey Osburn 14 godzin temu
Woods: “we’ll see ya later” Matt: “really? Don’t go” Lol
holls 15 godzin temu
tanner wearing jeans without rips. whattttt😱
B.A.V. 15 godzin temu
Pause it at 15:06 And look at those veins 🔥🔥
Giana Soriano
Giana Soriano 15 godzin temu
Thank you tanner
ifNATEcan 15 godzin temu
Tanner try getting a double French Horn and just press the buttons!! That’s what I do!!
Stone S
Stone S 15 godzin temu
I identify with Matt with the whole "my desk is perfect" thing... As the desk I let people see is pristine and beautiful, but the actual desk at home is covered in garbage and random things.
ifNATEcan 15 godzin temu
My jazz band just played “smoke on the water” actually!! Quite the coincidence!!!
Camille Fontaine
Camille Fontaine 15 godzin temu
next product
MrStatistx 15 godzin temu
The handgrip exerciser isn't too worthless, it also trains your underarm muscles, just look how they contract when you close your fist.
Crimson Demon
Crimson Demon 15 godzin temu
Anyone remember the old Matthias fidget spinner videos?
PSYCHO_ 15 godzin temu
Does anyone know what site they where on like Amazon or wish bc I want that UFO spinner thing lmao 😂
Noah's Toys Garage
Noah's Toys Garage 15 godzin temu
no no pls dont scare me i just watch annable
MrStatistx 15 godzin temu
11:58 Tanner is seemingly not used to turning something on ;P
Arjen Smets
Arjen Smets 15 godzin temu
Matthias: It's a 100° outside. Also Matthias: "wearing tight black jeans"
Angela Glass
Angela Glass 15 godzin temu
10:06 me at when should be a sleep
Irish Hamilton memes
Irish Hamilton memes 15 godzin temu
Dope or nope is the iquvlint of if me and my friends had a yt channel
Hamidreza Hashemi
Hamidreza Hashemi 15 godzin temu
i clicked in because i love how funny you guys are
Shotogon 15 godzin temu
Commenting down below because I’m depressed
Krime 15 godzin temu
These two together in a video is actually the best.
Melissa Mcleay
Melissa Mcleay 15 godzin temu
Woods is so dam adorable. Love you guys so much.
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 15 godzin temu
dope or nope dark mode
Krime 16 godzin temu
When you come back 4 years later just to see once again how Matt used to look.
Chara dreemurr
Chara dreemurr 16 godzin temu
5:52 sure he dropped an f bomb lol
Krime 16 godzin temu
Someone tell me how Matt’s vase works, I’m so confused...
Baby Cat
Baby Cat 16 godzin temu
There’ Michael?
Sophie Whittaker
Sophie Whittaker 16 godzin temu
Woods looks cute erryday 👉👈
ben estdale
ben estdale 16 godzin temu
funny as fook lol
Giosaia S. Perillo
Giosaia S. Perillo 16 godzin temu
i just love how everything they say cracks me up 😂
Dawn Ryncarz
Dawn Ryncarz 16 godzin temu
I just see a toothbrush
Mosssaurus Rex
Mosssaurus Rex 16 godzin temu
HUMAN TRASH i got some junk food for ya
upmostpear86 16 godzin temu
My face went 😳 when he tried to rhyme with snickers
Bikramjit Lahiri
Bikramjit Lahiri 17 godzin temu
Loved today's one more just because you all were so happy today ... Laughed a lot ... 😂😂😂
spoon 17 godzin temu
your mom's house is a good podcast I believe
Unity seijnen
Unity seijnen 17 godzin temu
Woods would be an amazing boyfriend. He is handy,his smile makes you warm, his personality is amazing, and strong hands;).
Euxion 17 godzin temu
You guys are giving me the vibe that just bunch of dudes got bored and spend their money on weird stuff hoping to be entertained
shiven duseja 2
shiven duseja 2 17 godzin temu
When we get to episode 863 u need to do something special
Brodey 17 godzin temu
I always watch the episode to the end love to support the group I'm involved with
Zayn Choudhry
Zayn Choudhry 17 godzin temu
ethan andrew
ethan andrew 17 godzin temu
me yesterday: *watches old fidget toys videos hoping they upload a new one* me today: WAIT A MINUTE👁👄👁 DID YALL READ MY MIND OR SOMETHING
KairiAnneYukari 17 godzin temu
This is absolutely one of my most favorite episodes so far lol
LilleTotte 17 godzin temu
"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" /several people, none of whom were Albert Einstein
Pollyanna Lopez
Pollyanna Lopez 17 godzin temu
@ 4:24...That’s like the third video where I heard an alarm go off in the background? @16:58...AGAIN!
Durga Prasada Rao Surat
Durga Prasada Rao Surat 17 godzin temu
Nope Woods is the same as always
HC Asael
HC Asael 17 godzin temu
This video gave me the chills. Tanner was creepier than usual.
Lim Kenji
Lim Kenji 17 godzin temu
I am happy that matt got his product back
Crazy Weeb
Crazy Weeb 18 godzin temu
When tanner said the strangest video on dope or nope me thinking to when tanner peed in a golf thingy product 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dawn of Darkness
Dawn of Darkness 18 godzin temu
Woods looks really cute today
SkaterSurfer Snowboarder
SkaterSurfer Snowboarder 18 godzin temu
I thought Matt was gunna say (at 20:49) "People arent complicated they are just STUPID" he made it real
Carina Rodrigues
Carina Rodrigues 18 godzin temu
Tanner at 13:28 :DDD sry if i made you laugh hard that you died
King Koopa
King Koopa 18 godzin temu
If it wasn’t for the Adsense I’m pretty sure this would’ve been a true DOPE or nope.
The Abled Gamer
The Abled Gamer 18 godzin temu
Bring back get good gaming...
AngryteddyYT 18 godzin temu
woods you look really cute today
Endkhight 18 godzin temu
When mat make his indenk finger and said one inch punch
Darian Castillo
Darian Castillo 18 godzin temu
I thought tanner was actually talking about your mom's house podcast lol
Asher Reddy
Asher Reddy 18 godzin temu
Ya what happened to overkill mine craft series?